Dress Code

The general principle is that visitors and members shall conform to the best of golf standards both on and off the Course and be of smart and tidy appearance.

On the Course

  • Smart golfing attire, as you would find in a reputable golf outlet is essential, golf shoes must be worn
  • Shorts may be worn but should be tailored/dress shorts and worn with appropriate short sports socks either above or below the ankle or long socks of any colour. Shorts with external pockets are not acceptable
  • Training shoes are not permitted


In the Clubhouse

  • Smart casual wear is acceptable in the Lounge and Dining Rooms
  • Denim jeans, track suits, T-shirts and training shoes are not acceptable
  • Golf shoes of any variety which have been worn on the Course and outdoor wet weather clothing are not permitted in the main function rooms
  • Deck and casual shoes worn with or without socks are permitted

Towels are provided so that you can have a shower after golf

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