Buggy Safety Policy

Use of Ride-on Buggies on the Golf Course


The purpose of this document is to establish a standard for the safe operation of all ride-on buggies operated on the Course at Burnham & Berrow Golf Club. The document also sets down the criteria to be adopted and conditions to be met for their use.

The Club has a number of buggies available for hire and they can be booked in advance, by telephoning the Professional on 01278 785760 Extn 3.  Any booking is subject to restrictions that may be imposed owing to the condition of the Course. No guarantee can be given that a buggy will be available unless it has been pre-booked.


In normal conditions, there is no restriction on the use of ride on buggies other than in certain areas of the Course (see Conditions of Use). In some circumstances, however it may be necessary to restrict their use (see Buggy Restrictions).

Use of a ride-on buggy will not be allowed unless authorised by the Pro shop or the Managing Secretary. Any person who operates a ride-on buggy on the Golf Course is deemed by so doing, to have the knowledge, training and skill to safely operate the vehicle and be fully accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof.

The safe operation of ride-on buggies on the Course requires conscientious application and adherence to the minimum standard of care prescribed by this policy.

Ride-on buggies must be operated in accordance with the requirements of the following documents:

Ø  Golf Buggy Safety Policy

Ø  Golf Buggy Safe Working Practice

Ø  Golf Buggy Hire Agreement 

The Managing Secretary or the Pro shop reserves the right to refuse permission if some or all of the conditions stipulated are not met. The Managing Secretary or Pro shop also reserves the right to withdraw authorisation of a buggy at a disabled rate if the medical condition or disability necessitating the use of a ride-on buggy ceases, or, the conditions for its use are not fully met.

Buggy Restrictions

The Club staff may determine that the state of the Course or the weather is such that safety on or the condition of the Course may be unacceptably compromised if a ride-on buggy is used. This might apply to the whole or just part of the Course. Potentially unsuitable conditions include water logging, frost, etc. Where such conditions arise, the Club’s staff will review the situation on at least a twice-daily basis.   When access is restricted, disabled golfers will be permitted to use a Buggy on the receipt of evidence of their disability (within the meaning of section 6 of The Equality Act 2010) and a copy of their third party liability insurance or they may be refused access to the Course.  Disabled golfers are advised to check the Course status before their visit.

Conditions of Use

General Play and Competitions

Ride-on buggies may be used during general (non-competition) play and also during certain closed and open competitions apart from the following competitions:

Ø  All Major Board and Trophy Competitions

Ø  All qualifying competitions which affect a players handicap

Ø  Open tournaments: Men’s, Ladies and Seniors’, Challenge Salver, West of England events and Mixed Opens

In the competitions listed above ride-on, buggies may only be used by those suffering from a disability within the meaning of section 6 of The Equality Act 2010. Also, those who have submitted to the Managing Secretary, a medical certificate (Appendix 2) signed by a registered General Practitioner confirming that they are unable to play a full round of golf without the use of a buggy. This dispensation applies solely to the disabled or authorised player, however any “able bodied playing partners” are strictly forbidden to utilise this facility.

Golf Buggy Safety Policy

The Club has a duty of care to all users of the golf Course. The topography of certain areas of the Course is such that caution and prudence must be shown by the user of a ride-on buggy. It is also necessary for the Club to provide adequately safe means of access for all golfers including those given permission to use buggies. Moreover, the Club has to ensure the safety of golfers who do not wish to use ride-on buggies but who might be at risk from a mechanically defective ride-on buggy or its careless use.

To assist the safe employment of ride-on buggies all potential users (members, visitors and guests) shall comply with the following conditions:

1.       Ride-on buggies on Burnham and Berrow Golf Club property are only for the use of members, green fee-paying visitors, entrants in competitions or other person so authorised by either the Managing Secretary or the Professional.

2.       Ride-on buggies must be operated with the utmost courtesy, care and consideration for the safety and convenience of pedestrians. Pedestrians must be afforded the right-of-way at all times.

3.       The signs and instructions employed on the Course to warn buggy riders of potential danger areas or, areas forbidden to ride-on buggies because of concerns about danger or, the potential to cause unacceptable wear and tear to the Course, must be followed at all times.

4.       Ride-on buggies must be operated and parked in such a manner that they do not impede or interfere with normal pedestrian or vehicular flow on roadways, ramps or pavements.

5.       Ride-on buggy operators will be responsible for the security of the buggy for the period that the buggy is on the property owned by the Club.

6.       Burnham and Berrow Golf Club has no responsibility for ensuring the safe operation of ride-on buggies on or beyond the confines of the Course and the club car-parks other than those operated by their servants or agents. The Club will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to any property other than that arising from the negligent use of a ride-on buggy by their servants or agents.

7.       No ride-on buggy will be operated in excess of what is safe in the circumstances. All speed limits must be observed. When the ground is wet, muddy, or negotiating narrow bridges or routes, the maximum permissible speed is walking pace. Operators must however ensure that they drive at the appropriate speed and in the appropriate manner for the prevailing conditions.

8.       Ride-on buggies shall be used only between dawn and dusk.

9.       Ride-on buggies must be operated in compliance with the common` rules of the road regardless of whether ride-on buggies are operated on pavements or roadways.

10.   Operators must stop the buggy at blind intersections and proceed with caution.

11.   The consumption of alcohol and/or the improper use of drugs are not permitted when using the ride-on buggy.

12.   If in the opinion of the Managing Secretary or Professional a person is in an unfit condition to use a buggy; he/she has the authority to immediately prohibit any such person from using or being carried on a ride–on buggy. A written report will be submitted to the Clubs Board. Application for reinstatement of permission can only be made to the Board of the Club.

Golf Buggy Safe Working Practice / Conditions of Use

Ø  Ride-on buggy operators must not be under the influence of alcoholic drinks or drugs

Ø  Never allow children to drive the ride-on buggy

Ø  Persons driving a buggy must be over 17 years of age and hold a full valid driving license

Ø  Persons using a privately owned buggy must provide a copy of a valid certificate of  insurance providing cover for third party risk of at least £1,000,000 (one million pounds)

Before use

Ø  All operators of ride-on buggies, including privately owned buggies, must sign a Safety Policy Acknowledgement form before they are permitted to drive the buggy.

Ø  A ride-on buggy must only be used for the number of occupants it was designed to carry and only by people who are authorised to use one.

During use

Ø  Do not move off until the occupants are seated

Ø  Always remain seated and hold on while the vehicle is in motion

Ø  Hands, feet and head must be kept inside the buggy at all times while the vehicle is in motion

Ø  Ride-on buggies must not be driven in prohibited areas

Ø  The vehicle must be used to progress the game and must not be driven up and down excessively, e.g., when looking for golf balls

Ø  The vehicle must not be used on tees, greens or the slopes leading up to them

Ø  The vehicle must not be used within 5 metres of any green, bunker, ditch or slopes leading to them except when using the designated bridges or paths

Ø  Between green and bunkers

Ø  Check the area behind the vehicle before reversing

Ø  Always set the parking brake before leaving the vehicle

Ø  Always consider the terrain, existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions as well as environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the vehicle safely

o   Drive the vehicle only as fast as the terrain and safety considerations allow

o   To avoid tipping over, drive the buggy straight up and down severe slopes

o   Slow down before corners.

o   All turns must be executed at reduced speeds

o   Avoid sudden stops or changes of direction that may result in loss of control

o   Be extra careful when the Course is wet and muddy

After Use

When the vehicle is left un-attended, please make sure that the parking brake is engaged, operating key is in the off position and the key removed from the ignition.

Privately Owned Buggies

A small number of privately owned buggies are authorised to be kept, or stored on the Club premises. Privately owned buggies are for the sole use of the owner only and under no circumstance are they to be lent or hired out to third parties.

All private buggy owners must be over 17 years of age and hold a full valid driving license.

All private buggy owners must provide a copy of a valid certificate of insurance providing cover for third party risk of at least £1,000,000 (one million pounds) and annual certification of servicing showing that the buggy is in good working order.

Users of privately owned buggies do so entirely at their own risk. Burnham and Berrow Golf Club will not accept liability for any loss or damage to the privately owned buggies or any other property arising from the negligence of the Club or any of its servants or agents.

Visitors may not use their own personal ride on buggy, but in the event that any person who is registered to do so at their home club, on the grounds of disability, may hire one of the Club’s rental buggies for an appropriate fee which is given at the discretion of the Managing Secretary, providing advance notice is given.   


In respect of Privately Owned Single Seat Buggies, Club Office Staff will retain on file a fully completed and signed “Golf Buggy Safety Policy Acknowledgement Form”, together with Medical Certification as per the appendixes below. Club Office Staff will also ensure that staff in the Golf Professional shop is in possession of an up to date copy of the register of Authorised Buggy Users for whom documents are held on file and to whom authorisation has been granted for use of a Privately Owned Buggy.



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