The beginner experience for women at Burnham and Berrow golf club has a very unique approach that has seen incredible results, with a number of participants now playing on The Championship Course as full members.

Our programme is an empowering group coaching experience for women which takes place predominantly on the golf course, in a rewarding environment that gives you the freedom to explore new skills, discover your potential and bond with a supportive group of like-minded women.

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“The group, the tee time bookings, the social side, the away days, the celebrations, the link with champions etc, is a secret sauce that has taken Nicola considerable time, effort, work, love, understanding, commitment and determination, to get from ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ to something that gives so much to so many in terms of physical and mental well being, enjoyment etc – Nicola has created a group everyone feels part of and it’s not ‘just a golf lesson’. Nicola has done truly wonderful things.”

Didi Ager ( champion)

“I love it – I joined in June 2022 having seen photographs of one of my friends out on the course with her trolley and the beautiful Burnham & Berrow course, and I thought – ‘do you know what, that looks really nice!’ I messaged her and she said ‘it’s – you need to get involved’.

I hadn’t got a clue, didn’t know anybody, I just turned up and Nicola was so lovely and welcoming – I fell in with a group of women, about 5 or 6 of us, I’ve been here ever since and I’m loving every day that I’m here!

I thoroughly recommend it – all women should get involved – it’s not just about the golf, it’s about the social aspect – there’s women from all different walks of life with so many stories to tell. Highly recommended, and Nicola is the best coach ever!”

Helen Jones

“It’s just been absolutely marvellous – Nicola is a wonderful teacher, we’ve had fun, I’ve made new friends – it couldn’t have been a better experience.

Having come recently to this country, I thought it would be the social side of things that would appeal to me, but after a while I’m afraid I got hooked on the game itself!

Everyone’s so friendly – it’s a joy!”

Jo Steer

“I actually didn’t come here planning to play golf – I came with my partner and ended up trying golf myself and here I am loving life!

All the women are so lovely, accommodating and positive thinking, it’s just really nice.

Nicola is amazing – she got me playing golf when I didn’t even come to play! She’s absolutely brilliant – a fantastic coach and so patient.”

Gina Powers 

“My dad had been playing golf for the last 45 years and it was never on my radar to play, but I was speaking to one of my friends around a year ago and she had been to one of Nicola’s sessions, and it was a lightbulb moment for me – I really wanted a challenge so I went along for my first session – mega nervous, having never hit a ball before, and I haven’t looked back – it’s been the best year!

This time last year I didn’t have much confidence in myself and was stuck in a bit of a rut.

The group that I started with are an amazing group of women and Nicola is fantastic, she really is. She breaks everything down because we’re all completely different – I’ve never felt like I can’t do it, or felt rushed – Nicola knows that if something isn’t working for one of us, she can tweak it a little and it’s fantastic.

Fast forward a year – I actually joined Burnham & Berrow Golf Club as a member with Nicola’s encouragement after about 8 months – I just haven’t looked back, I’m being encouraged to take part in competitions, I never thought I’d be doing this this time last year.

I would encourage anybody, if you fancy being outside, meeting new people – give it a go! Contact Nicola – enjoy the adventure, enjoy the challenge and just go for it!”

Sian Vowles

“For me, is more than just golf lessons, it’s ‘family’ – where nobody judges, everyone welcomes you as you are, everyone listens and shares stories, supports each other and shares laughter. kept me going through my golf journey and helped me not give up on golf or think I’m not good enough, and it’s not only about the golf with, Nicola even taught me how to put fuel in my car!

Mariya Trifonova

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