“Burnham and Berrow Golf Club is recognised as a nationally important golfing venue, but it is equally an important site for nature. The course lies in close proximity of the Berrow coastal marshes which the club actively manage all in line with the Higher-Level Stewardship programme which also covers the whole of the golf course. The club recognise the role they play within the area and are proactive in engendering relations with the local authority as well as statutory bodies and the local community.

Sustainability is a priority at the club and is something being encouraged through all areas and with significant enthusiasm. The club are also keen to progress hence the numerous ongoing recommendations provided through the verification process (some of which are documented as CIPs). In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending Burnham and Berrow Golf Club for On Course accreditation. The degree of consideration now being afforded to sustainable management benefits the club’s standing and this is important given the landscape into which this facility has been so seamlessly fitted. I look forward to revisiting and seeing the ongoing progress in due course.”

Bob Taylor

(GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf –  Accredited Independent Verifier)

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Last Updated — 12:00am, 23rd November 2023