Hole Seven

Par 4, Yards 449, Stroke Index 1

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“The tee shot must be played to the right side of the fairway as there is a ridge that gathers many tee shots played down the middle into the bunker. Drive safely negotiated, you will have a long approach to a green which is divided by a clever mound running front to back.  In general it is better to be right than left here as missing left leaves a tricky chip or putt to get out of the run-off area. Another hole where a par is a great score.”


Named after the windmill that was erected in 1926 by Plumpton of Cullompton to pump the water away towards the sea in this low lying part of the course. This worked well and larger open ditches were dug in 1928, 1936, 1960 and 1961. Eventually the windmill became obsolete and was dismantled in 1973. The brick foundations remained behind the 7th green beside the path from the left hand tee on the 8th hole until they were removed when the pond behind the 7th green was excavated in 199?

Originally played as the 8th hole on land to the right of the existing hole it was built as part of the 1910 course extension by Herbert Fowler following the Club taking up the option from the lords of the manor offering them the purchase of the lease for the whole Warren. The tee was close to the previous green and the green was to the right of the existing 7th green roughly where the pond is now.

  Yards Par SI
449 4 1
449 4 1
443 4 1
414 5 11
417 4 5