Hole Six

Par 4, Yards 438, Stroke Index 5

See Hole Flyover
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“Play your tee shot toward the bushes you can see in the distance – if you are to err, right is better than left. With a good drive you will be able to see the green – the bold can fly it all the way but should favour right rather than left as the bunker gathers almost anything left of centre. The percentage shot is to play for the front right of the green and rely on your putter. The swale front right collects a large number of balls but it is easier to up and down from here in favour of the front  left side of the green. A four here and you have done very well!”

Brent Knoll

Named after the 450 foot high hill that dominates the flat Somerset levels that surround it making it visible from many miles around. Made of Blue Lias Rock from the Jurassic period and capped with Midford Sands. Site of an Iron Age hill fort. Also has an annual foursomes knockout Tournament (The Brent Knoll Bowl) named after it. The tournament was started in 1952 by long standing member Freddie Love with the desire to maintain good quality golf at Burnham.

Originally designed by Fred Hawtree and opened for play in December 1976 following a major course alteration diverting the routing of the course to the West of the church and the construction of the Channel Course.

The previous 6th hole which was formerly the 7th was built in 1910 by Herbert Fowler who had designed The Berkshire and Walton Heath and was a member at Burnham. It was a tough hole and remained in play for over 60 years. This hole is now occupied by the 13th fairway the green was in a position almost opposite the Berrow church between the existing ladies 13th tee and the 7th tees.


  Yards Par SI
438 4 5
423 4 5
396 4 5
345 4 1
337 4 11