Hole Four

Par 5, Yards 514, Stroke Index 11

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“The common mistake from the tree is to try to cut too much off – play left of Steepholm Island in the channel to be safe and make the fairway. Whilst long hitters may make it a two shotter, the safe play is to aim at the left edge of the green and rely on a pitch and putt for a birdie. Caution with your approach – better short of the pin for an easier putt as the green slopes back to front and over the back is a deep swale.”

Steep Holm

Named after the Carboniferous Limestone Island which lies in the middle of the Bristol Channel and is often used as a driving line from the tee. The island is protected as a nature reserve and a SSSI. The Island is the only site in the UK on which wild peonies grow.

The hole was originally proposed by Colt in 1913 and again in 1925 by Colt and Alison but did not get completed until 1936 twenty three years after it was first conceived due to the First World War and the large cost in creating a long hole out of the shore line wilderness. The previous hole which had been in existence since 1901 was a long 456 yard hole which ran from beside the 3rd green back up what is now the 15th hole to a green in a hollow behind the current 5th tee.


  Yards Par SI
514 5 11
498 5 11
489 5 11
423 5 17
421 4 1