Hole Fifteen

Par 4, Yards 482, Stroke Index 4

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“The ideal line is just left of the centre, whilst long hitters may try and carry the ‘kitchen’ from the white tee but it demands a long carry. Failure to get past the ‘kitchen’ will mean a blind shot from below the bank. The approach is testing as it is to a sunken green guarded on the left by a large dune, so aim at the right side of the green, selecting more rather than less club. In running conditions balls falling short will get help from the slope down at the green’s entrance but as a rule long is better than short here.”

The Kitchen

Named after the steep faced hollow on the right of the 15th fairway called “The Kitchen”. The 15th green is one of only two original greens. It was first played as the 4th green on the original layout from a tee close to today’s 3rd tee. In 1897 when the course was extended it became the 12th green played from a tee which today would be on the Berrow Green. At this time the 5th hole which was a relatively short hole of approximately 220 yards played to a green which would have been close to the “Kitchen”. The 6th hole, 310 yards was played from a tee close the previous 5th green was played over a high sandy ridge to a green which was in the hollow behind today’s 5th tee. In the 1901 extension these two holes were combined to make one long hole of 456 yards. The two holes which were played onto the Common (11th & 12th) were abolished with the 11th tee used for the new 12th which now became another very good hole, 410 yards long to a green guarded on the left by a large sand hill (Basically today’s 15th hole)

  Yards Par SI
482 4 4
444 4 4
438 4 4
342 4 6
365 4 4