Hole Twelve

Par 4, Yards 402, Stroke Index 6

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“The tee shot is key here and ideally should be played just right of the church tower with a gentle fade – long hitters can go for the right side of the fairway as the land falls from left to right. The approach is made doubly testing by the deep swale that lies in front of the green – take enough club and be aware that there is more room left of the green than right. When the pin is on the back tier take one more club than you think.”


Named for obvious reasons due to its close proximity to the Berrow Parish Church, St.Mary’s. There has been a church on this site since before AD 1000. In 1790 the Berrow Church was close to the high water mark.

The golf course first reached the church when it was first extended to 18 holes in 1897. The course was extended past the church in 1901 creating one of the most renowned holes on the course, the Church hole which was played to the east of the church and at this time was the 10th.

After the 1910 extension it was played as the 13th hole. It then became the 12th when the previous 12th hole which seemed to be squeezed in just to make up the numbers was abolished. This hole remained in play until 1978.

As early as 1947 Alison was asked to provide sketches with holes west of the church. The 12th hole could not be played on Sundays or when there was a wedding or funeral service at the church. In 1924 a new Sunday 12th green was completed.

Proposals to divert the course west of the church were approved in 1972 along with the construction of the Channel course. The existing hole, originally designed as a par 3 to be played from the top of the dune by the reservoir to the current green, opened for play in 1978.


  Yards Par SI
402 4 6
402 4 6
388 4 6
333 4 12
339 4 10